#02 Harvey’s Hidden Sentence

The signs might have been there for the adults in his life, but for seven year old Harvey his dad going into prison was a complete shock. Despite living in a house full of his siblings Harvey felt very alone. This is the story of the relationship Harvey had with his dad and how everyone worked to keep that alive, despite his dad being inside. Harvey was helped by Ormiston Families, who offered regular support to Harvey and an opportunity to talk things through.

Harvey and his mum and support worker, Jo, all talk to Claire about circumstances being far from ideal, but working with what you have, about enduring love and seeing things from a child’s perspective.

According to a National Offender Management Service Report, there are 200,000 children in the UK with a parent in prison.

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For more information, please contact:

Ormiston Families, which is based in Ipswich and is the leading family charity in the East of England, providing services to support children and young people who face the very real dangers of social exclusion. Identifying and responding to the needs of children, whatever challenges they face, the charity’s vision is of a world in which every child will be loved, nurtured and valued.

Ormiston Families’ Breaking Barriers service: supports children and young people affected by imprisonment. The team works in schools and communities, providing one to one support for children and young people who have a parent or relative in prison, or have been affected by imprisonment in another way.

The service identifies the emotional needs of children and young people and gives them a confidential space to express themselves by using a range of toys and activities. The service operates throughout Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk.

By providing these services, Ormiston Families’ Breaking Barriers team can support those most in need and help them to overcome any hurdles and the stigma that often surrounds having a loved one in prison.




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#2 – Harvey’s hidden sentence

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